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One-on-One with Liz Morrison

Darcy L., New York

"Liz's desire to share information and help others achieve their practice goals is warm and apparent. She intuitively has a wonderful business sense and manner."

In one-on-one coaching sessions, we have the freedom to explore what’s blocking you from having the private practice you want to have, and being the therapist you were born to be.


But I’ll let you in on a secret: Most often, the biggest hurdle is confidence.


And confidence comes from knowing things like:

  • How to conduct a successful initial phone call, without a belly full of butterflies.

  • How to negotiate prices on sliding scales, without selling yourself short.

  • How to navigate the business side of therapy, including completing the paperwork you need to feel secure, learning how to take credit card payments and other nitty gritty details to consider before seeing your clients.

  • Which clients you want to work with and which ones you don’t.

  • How to handle problems if and when they arise.

  • How to create a welcoming waiting room environment, because the little things count!


In private coaching sessions with me, you’ll learn all of this and so much more.


So let’s get started.


I’ve found that some people just need one session to clear up questions that focus on their practice. Others need one session with email follow-ups to stay accountable, motivated and confident. And some request ongoing one-on-one sessions until they get on their feet and feel ready to take New York by storm.


With those different needs in mind, my packages are as follows:

  • Exploration Session – A single session where we focus on whatever difficulty you’re having. This is for you if you’re feeling stuck or confused about one or a few aspects of your business, or just need clarity on your next steps. Not sure whether you’ll need one session or more? We can figure that out in this session, too.  

  • Additional Sessions – When you need a little more support, have a few more questions and need assurance that you’re making the right choices.


Additional benefits:

  • Entry into my private Facebook group where workshop attendees share their own successes, tips and advice, network with one another, stay motivated and ask and answer questions. (It’s the best.)

  • Invitations to Liz Morrison networking events.


Please inquire about pricing.

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