Therapist of the Month

August 2019

Alyson Cohen, LCSW

Alyson Cohen, LCSW

303 5th Avenue, Suite 1005

New York, NY 10016

(845) 548-8822

Tell us about your practice.

My private practice specializes in treating adolescents and young adults. I provide both Psychotherapy and Life Coaching. Many of my clients are experiencing crises associated with coming-of-age issues such as new relationship concerns, job-related issues, and general finding our purpose in life challenges. For many of my clients, this is their first experience in treatment and my goal is to provide a warm and trusting environment for them to learn that opening up to a helping stranger can be a life changing opportunity. Ultimately, I want my clients to realize that getting to know yourself is the first step toward living a happier and more fulfilled life.

What made you decide to open your own business?

For many years, I worked at a Nonprofit Community Mental Health clinic and although I loved my time there and learned so much, I felt a bit restrained by all of the rules and regulations. I wanted to be able to practice freely and without the red tape that sometimes interferes with clinical treatment in these settings. I knew that owning my own practice was really the only way for me to be my own boss and provide the exact treatment that I felt was necessary for my clients on an individual level.

What has been the most challenging aspect of building your business?

The first year was definitely the most challenging when I look back at the steps of my business building. I was quite discouraged during that initial year when I didn’t see my caseload fill up as quickly as I heard it had for others. I realized that I needed to maintain my confidence and continue investing in my business for it to grow. Committing to the building process was essential and helped me get over the hump to eventually grow my practice to the successful place that it is in today.

What has been the most rewarding part of building your business?

The most rewarding part of building my business has been seeing the changes made in the lives of my clients. It is also very rewarding to me to see how many of them stay in therapy even after their initial crises have calmed. It is a testament to the relationship that we have built together and it makes me feel very proud of my work. Also, I cannot deny the freedom and happiness I feel to make my own schedule and make all decisions for my practice based on what is best, for both me and my clients.

How has Private Practice Studio helped you in achieving your business goals?

Private Practice studio was an integral part of starting my practice. The workshop I took with Liz was the jump-off point for me to feel confident enough to take that next step. Liz was able to beautifully illustrate what was needed in order to get your name on the wall and make your private practice dreams a reality. It was a very important step in my process and I am forever grateful.

Anything else you would like us to know?

I want all clinicians who are serious about creating their own business to take that leap even if you feel scared. Fear can be your driver and it doesn’t need to hold you back from your dreams. So really, I just say, JUMP!

Alyson Cohen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works primarily with adolescents, young adults, and families during life’s most difficult moments.