March 2019

Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT

Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT

Modern Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC

295 Madison Avenue, Suite 707

New York, NY 10017 


41 East 11th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10003


Tell us about your practice.

I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and my full-time private practice is Modern MFT. We have offices near Union Square on East 11th Street as well as in Midtown on Madison Avenue. In addition to my practice, I very much enjoy providing education and training to therapists who would like to develop a specialty in couples therapy including those who would like to help couples improve their physical intimacy as well as their overall relationship satisfaction. My practice is Modern Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC, and we specialize in helping both individuals and couples to improve the quality of their relationships. Our mission is help people live fuller, more enjoyable lives by addressing the issues and patterns that are acting as barriers to more satisfying relationships and a lasting sense of well-being. We address a variety of presenting concerns and primarily work with young adults who are dealing with major life transitions, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, relationship issues/ breakups, family conflict, and working through past trauma or difficult life events. We most often see individuals who would like to enhance some aspect of their relational well-being or who are generally struggling with a significant other and would like to work together with their partner to develop a more satisfying relationship. Sometimes it’s about helping partners to improve a specific aspect of their relationship like their ability to handle conflict constructively, the quality of their communication, navigating a major life transition together, deepening emotional intimacy, or increasing desire and sexual fulfillment. Other times partners want to work on more general relationship enhancement.

What made you decide to open your own business?

Prior to starting my practice, I worked in several different settings including outpatient clinics, hospitals, as well as another private practice. Since graduate school, I knew I eventually wanted to start my own practice with a focus on relationship health and wellness. I was excited to begin that journey in NYC so that I would have the opportunity to train with and learn from some of the most highly regarded sex and relationship therapists in the field. I completed several years of postgraduate training here in NYC and consider myself a life-long learner. I was drawn to the idea of starting my own practice so that I could offer high quality services which allows me to tailor my clinical approach to the needs of my clients.

What has been the most challenging aspect of building your business?

Having a private practice has been a wonderful experience in general. Something unique about private practice that is different from working in other settings is that you have to wear many hats. Finding the right support for your growing practice is crucial. A community like Private Practice Studio really helps to bridge that gap and provides the appropriate support for caring professionals who are looking to further develop their practices—teaching all of the areas of practice ownership that you don’t learn in school when you're training to be a therapist. It’s not about doing what everyone else does, it’s about creating a practice with intention.

What has been the most rewarding part of building your business?

The most rewarding part of having my own practice has been the opportunity to offer high quality care to the clients with whom I work best. In addition, being able to provide training and consultation to therapists who are just starting out in private practice and looking to develop a specialty in couples therapy is very rewarding to me.

How has Private Practice Studio helped you in achieving your business goals?

Private Practice Studio helps you to be intentional about your practice in a supportive community of other like-minded therapists. It provides encouragement as you work through the inevitable challenges associated with building something new. Liz’s warmth, accessibility, and genuine desire to help her colleagues to develop a meaningful practice is what sets her apart.

Anything else you would like us to know?

Being in private practice can be isolating for professionals so taking the time to nurture supportive relationships with colleagues and a trusted mentor or supervisor helps to strengthen a therapist’s ability to handle challenges proactively and with confidence.

Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT is the Owner of Modern MFT, a practice which specializes in helping individuals and couples improve the quality of their relationships. She can be found in Union Square as well as Midtown Manhattan.